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for your OE Car Dealership.


  Years ago studies showed that most customers choose the stores with the best selection. Tire stores promote Good – Better - Best selections to differentiate between tire brands and price points, with tires for any make and model, and fitments that fit any rim. In this model:  

  • more expensive Michelin, Pirelli or Continental tires are rated Best,

  • mid-priced Goodyear or Bridgestone are rated Better, and

  • cheaper Toyo or Cooper are rated Good.  


Car dealerships emulated Good - Better - Best in an attempt to  compete. But Dealerships sell tires for the specific models of their OE Vehicle Brand not Brands of Tires.

What is: The BEST TIRE

for your Mustang, or Corolla? 

Why Good - Better - Best

According to your vehicle manufacturer, the tires that come with their cars are the Best for that car. They are DESIGNED for the vehicle. Engineers spend upwards of $3 MILLION on average to design and optimize the tires for each model to ensure great performance, reliability and safety. No OEM today ever wants a Firestone replay.


If the BEST Tire is the OE replacement tire, we will have to offer two downgrade tires and no upgrade to do a Good - Better - Best Program. If we designate the OE tire as BETTER not BEST (as many dealers do)  we tell our customers that our Brand is not putting the BEST tires on the cars we sell. We also tell them that we know which tire is actually better! Do you really? And do you want to second guess the engineers at the factory.  


That’s why we developed this alternative:


Best Performance  - Best Value - Best Price

We offer only the Best Tires  for Your Make and Model!

  • Best Value – The specific tire that came as original equipment with the vehicle. If you liked the way your vehicle performed when you did your first Test Drive, it’s your best choice!

  • Best Performance – Factory Approved OE alternative tire like a Michelin Defender with High Tread Wear and Like New Wet Weather Performance even when worn.

  • Best Price – Factory Approved OE alternative tire, meets speed and technical specs for make and model.

Our Standard 3 Tier Tire displays were designed to promote this program. We then customize the Merchandising Elements to fit Your Brand and your OE Brand. See Works Package Elements above right.


Why You Can’t Beat

Walmart or Tire Kingdom

at their own game.


Customers drive past Walmart, Costco, Tire Kingdom, Goodyear, Sears or a dozen other competitors to reach your service drive. They come to you for Factory Certified Warranty Service and Parts but most stop at one of the more convenient places on the way for their Tires. Then they stop coming to you.


You cannot compete even if you offer EXACTLY what competitors offer. They will still be more convenient. You must find a way to differentiate your tire service to convince your customers that they really need to go out of their way to buy their tires from you. 

How? Sell them the RIGHT Tires for their vehicle. Convince them that not any old tire will do.


Your Best Weapon, the way you can truly differentiate yourself, is


Promote the $3 Million OE Tires 

Even if your store cannot display 3 Selections you can and should display the OE Tires. The OE Tire represents  more than 60% of most car dealerships tire sales.


For those stores that wish to display only the OE Tires, we have developed the Basic Display elements shown here.


 Removable, Replaceable, Overlay Sticker

Tire Overlay Stickers Order Form
tire Merchandising Overlay Features and Benefits stickers

Have a Sale Today Everyday with our Monthly Mail-In Rebate Stickers.

Easy to use   Tire Overlay Sticker Order Form


Pull down menus and step-by-step fields makes ordering stickers fast and easy. E-mail us to get a form. Save the form to a place accessible to your email program. Open the saved file and fill it out. Save it back to the same place with an updated name. Send us the new saved file and we'll print your stickers, usually the same day.

Easy-on Easy-Off removable, replaceable, low tack  stickers make it easy to keep your displays up-to-date and your customers informed.   


        Information includes:

  • Tire Brand Logo

  • Tire Name

  • Tire Size

  • SKU

  • OE or OE Replacement

  • Vehicle Match

  • Space for Pricing

  • Features and Benefits

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