Seven Things Your Customers Need To Know

Most people don’t know much about tires. They are black, round, made of rubber and filled with air. When they need to be replaced, they are expensive and the expense is usually unplanned. So many people go find the cheapest tires they can to fit their vehicle. Car dealers aren’t perceived to be the cheapest place to buy tires so more than 9 out of 10 customers go somewhere else.

Before your customers need tires you need to educate them about Tires. Your customers need to understand that the Tires are an integral part of the overall performance and safety of their vehicle. Make sure they know that the original (OE) tires on their vehicle are really special:

· Specifically designed, engineered and tested for their vehicle at a cost of many millions

· More than 100 High Tech Components including Steel, Polyester and Kevlar Belts

· State-of-the-art Polymers and Rubber Compounds

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