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New Merchandising Tire Inserts Design

Here are the new designs we have created for Tire Inserts as part of the overall merchandising design for AutoNation tire centers. Rationale:

  1. Design more closely resembles other attributes currently being displayed in the service drives (brand consistency),

  2. White background will make it easier to create and apply overlay stickers or slide ins

  3. White space is more flexible in customizing the message for each tire.

  4. The tire brand (Logo) element is important and should be incorporated in the overlay Features and Benefits Stickers

We have also recommended that AutoNation consider a change of selections from the current Good-Better-Best choices to Best Performance - Best Value - Best Price. This solves the dilemma of which designation belongs to the OEM tire, and provides the opportunity to differentiate by offering their customers Only The Best Tires for their make and model.

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