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Sun Toyota Quad4 Tire Rack design

Where will Tire Displays and Signage fit best in your location? Just ask our expert designers. We offer a Free Custom Design and Mock-Up service for qualified Dealerships. Just send us some photos of your service drive, advisor areas, customer lounge and parts department, along with some reference measurements. We will custom design and mock-up a comprehensive, brand compliant, merchandising and marketing plan just for you.



Every element of our design for you will  incorporate your OE Branding along with your Dealership Branding and slogans where appropriate.

All branding, merchandising and aesthetics  objectives are addressed. You and your team will see exactly how your program will look on your Service Drive once implemented

Sun Toyota Drive Before
Sun Toyota Tire Insert Design
Sun Toyota Service Drive Tire Merchandsing Design
Sun Toyota Tire Merchandising Banner design

Help Us Help You

Please send us your photos of ALL the areas where potentially display racks and/or signage can be placed. That includes: 

  • the customer lounge,

  • parts department,

  • cafe,

  • advisor area,

  • service drive including wall space above windows and doors 

Try to take head on shots with as little clutter as possible.

Please - Not TOO BIG or TOO SMALL

Please send reference measurements like the size of a door or window so we can correctly scale your design to make sure everything will fit.

Please send a copy of your logo

vector if possible.

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